Caldecote Village Design Statement

Please help influence expected property development in Caldecote.

We have won funding from SCDC to develop a Village Design Statement (VDS) that will define guidelines for the village that have weight in planning applications and appeals. From question 6 of the VDS_FAQ:

  • Can a VDS provide evidence that could be used to shape a reserved matters planning application?
    • Yes, VDSs can help establish parameters for plans. Developers will have difficulty in riding roughshod over a VDS.

The VDS is written for us following a few face to face workshops workshops with village residents (mostly outside working hours). We need a number of people to be involved to represent the village, ideally ten people.

This should be a quick process over a couple of months and should be able to influence forthcoming major developments. If you are interested in being involved mail

Details of the VDS scheme a in the following leaflet: VDS_Leaflet and there is also a FAQ provided by SCDC VDS_FAQ (note again that the leaflet does say that some of the VDS meetings will be with working hours, we have agreement to do much of this work outside working hours).

Caldecote Village Design Statement